Understanding the congruence of HRM frames in a healthcare organization

Tanya Bondarouk, Anna Bos-Nehles, Xanthe Hesselink
  • Baltic Journal of Management, January 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/bjm-02-2015-0035

What is our HRM strategies? Different Perceptions of Line Managers and HR Professionals

What is it about?

Congruent understandings of the HRM strategy of line managers and HR professionals should lead to a better HRM implementation. The results of case study in a healthcare organziation shows that the alignment of HRM frames developed from being congruent in the HRM vision towards incongruence in daily HRM execution.

Why is it important?

For HRM policies and practices to be implemented effectively, different stakeholders need to agree on the content of the HRM pratices but also on the process of executing them at the operational level. Whileline managers and HR professionals aligned their interpretations regarding the ideas and intentions of the HRM system, they strongly diverged at the level of its everyday execution. When the vision is too broad and is not properly translated into concrete action points or key performance indicators, middle-level managers fall back into their old routines and do what they think should be done to run the business.

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