Employee architect’s perception of human resource practices and their job satisfaction

Adedapo Adewunmi Oluwatayo
  • Built Environment Project and Asset Management, February 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/bepam-04-2013-0008

Organisational HRM practices and employee job satisfaction in architectural firms

What is it about?

This study examined the aspects of the HRM practices actually influence the job satisfaction of the employees.

Why is it important?

The architectural industry is often alleged to operate employee-unfriendly HR policies. This is often said to be the reason for the large employee turnover often recorded as a result of low satisfaction. It is therefore important to verify this claim.


Dr Adedapo Adewunmi Oluwatayo
Covenant University

The study is actually an eye-opener, highlighting the areas of HRM practices that significantly impact employee job satisfaction

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