In Control

Simon Duffy
  • Journal of Integrated Care, December 2004, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/14769018200400043

What is it about?

This was the first academic article in which I explained the model of self-directed support that I had developed when running the project called In Control. The essay explains why being on control of your own support is essential to your citizenship and how the UK's system of social care could be converted to a system of self-directed support

Why is it important?

These ideas went on to be critical in the development of policy-makers called 'personalisation'. This article was not only the first academic article defining self-directed support in the UK, it also explains the intellectual and philosophical roots of the idea.


Dr Simon John Duffy
The Centre for Welfare Reform

This was important as it was the first interest from a reputable academic journal in my work. This led on to a series of academic articles with JIC on self-directed support which were helpful opportunities to define key ideas for its academic audience.

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