Applying pop‐up survey software to incorporate users' feedback into public library computing service management

Marcel Chiranov
  • Performance Measurement and Metrics, March 2011, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/14678041111124298

Are you interested to measure online the impact/performance of your program/activities?

What is it about?

Online data collection tools will be more and more used as efficient and effective program/project management tools. We present an interesting pop up survey system, which allows us to collect data, and also to learn where from the data is coming. This is very important because we can understand better the geographical differences between our customers, and perform an efficient needs assessment.

Why is it important?

Collecting data using such a system proves to be a very practical and cost efficient way. We collected data from tens thousands of citizens, using several thousands of PC across the country. If we were to follow the classical way: terms of references, offer, contract, field work, data processing and report, would take probably six to eight week and costs around 30,000 Euros. Using the pop up software we can do similar work (obviously with higher error margin) in few weeks, practically for free.

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