Smart business networks: interaction‐coordination aspects and risks

  • L.‐F. Pau
  • Business Process Management Journal, September 2012, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/14637151211270180

Business networks: coordination and risks

What is it about?

This paper summarizes key interaction-coordination attributes and the uniqueness of smart business networks, as a methodology encompassing all three traditional business process life-cycle stages between dynamically interacting enterprises. Emphasis is put on the business aspects and the related risks. The implementation involves, amongst others, the embedding of business logic specific to a network of business partners, inside the communications control networks. It also involves the definition of business protocols between these partners and the joint management of some common functions relying on open networking standards. This leads to the possibility to configure business processes and stakeholders on the fly. This implies some key paradigm changes, both of a technical and of a business nature, which are offered here for discussion via a set of propositions. It is on bases like this that further economic analysis can progress for dynamically interacting heterogeneous enterprises. Examples are given from the wireless communications industry.

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