Time banking – new social currency or waste of time?

Gary Lashko
  • Housing Care and Support, November 2012, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/14608791211288561

Does time banking work?

What is it about?

How creating a controlled marketplace for people to exchange skills and efforts can build community links, support vulnerable people, and develop confidence and capacity.

Why is it important?

Because, like the time and place when it was invented, Timebanking is one way in which communities today could help themselves through the age of austerity we are in when state aid and services are being dramatically reduced.


Mr Gary Michael Lashko

I find Time banking really useful in my job as an operations director in a community-based housing association in Cambridgeshire, as a way of building skills, collaboration, and support in ways that we would not be able to fund or resource.

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