Illness episode vs treatment outcome: questions regarding safety

  • Malik Abdur‐Razzaq
  • Mental Health Review Journal, December 2011, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/13619321111202359

Mental Health/Mental Disorder

What is it about?

A study to examine symptom behavior, assessment, and safety of mental health patients at local, county and state hospitals as well as screening centers in the state of New Jersey (USA) was conducted from 2009-2011. A targeted psychiatric screening center located in an emergency room (ER) of southern New Jersey was featured to profile the relationship, particularly, among crisis response workers and ER nurses.

Why is it important?

The ability to understand a patient’s illness predicament as she or he evolves through triage is imperative since decisions made during this phase will legitimate their reason for referral to psychiatric emergency services (PES). On the other hand, a triage assessment could justify a patient’s discharge from the ER with referrals to community mental health services. Just because a subject is brought into the ER or is self-referred, this does not mean he or she is a candidate for PES.

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