Explicating ethical corporate identity in the financial sector

  • Shaun Powell, Wim J.L. Elving, Chris Dodd, Julia Sloan
  • Corporate Communications An International Journal, October 2009, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/13563280910998772

Investigates employee ethical values as a component of corporate identity in financial institutions

What is it about?

This research investigates and measures employees' perception of actual and desired corporate ethical values as a component of corporate identity within a major UK financial institution, against a comparison with their employees' own individual ethical values. The financial institution was selected due to being identified as being in the process of instigating what may be termed a “monolithic” corporate branding strategy while using a “top down” communication approach across its various operations in the UK. The findings indicate that employees' perceive managements' ideal identity to be significantly different from the operational reality that “is” the company, especially in relation to ethical values. These gaps also vary between major divisions within the organisation, as well as between differing staffing levels.

Why is it important?

Adds empirical support to existing theories that corporate identity and corporate brand management will need to take into account many sub‐cultures within any large organisation, as well as the individual values of its employees. Also that a top-down communication programme that fails to take this into consideration will face many difficulties.

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