Tsunami construction risks in the Mediterranean – outlining Malta's scenario

Denis H. Camilleri
  • Disaster Prevention and Management An International Journal, January 2006, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/09653560610654301

Tsunami construction risks in the Mediterranean – outlining Malta's scenario

Photo by Todd Turner on Unsplash

Photo by Todd Turner on Unsplash

What is it about?

To provide data on the tsunami hazard of the Mediterranean region, to outline the Maltese Islands specific tsunami risks. The physics of tsunami and the tsunami magnitude scales are first introduced. The Mediterranean tsunami characteristics are introduced by reference to sources (1962‐2003). Following this the Mediterranean tsunami vulnerability assessment is undertaken. This then narrows down to assessing the Maltese tsunami hazards with reference to various newspaper articles, with finally a risk assessment for Malta tsunami exposure calculated.

Why is it important?

Considering the high loss of life occurring in the Indian Ocean catastrophic tsunami, tsunami awareness hazards are to be kept ongoing whilst Malta should form part of an expected European Tsunami Warning System. Planning is to consider various options available including tsunami barriers, evacuation paths, buildings with vertical evacuation facilities. It would be more prudent to work with nature by moving all inessential structures further into the interior and to protect the shoreline with suitable vegetation


Mr Denis H Camilleri
Institute of Civil Engineers

Creates a Mediterranean/Maltese awareness to tsunami hazards/risks in a highly developed tourist region.

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