The Marketing Concept: Putting the Theory into Practice

Graham J. Hooley, James E. Lynch, Jenny Shepherd
  • European Journal of Marketing, September 1990, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/03090569010001637

How Marketing can improve corporate performance

What is it about?

This paper summarizes the results from a large scale survey of companies in the UK. The approach to marketing within each company was correlated with corporate performance. The research found that those businesses that have marketing as the central corporate philosophy are more successful than those who consider it just another function of the business. This findings provide valuable guidance to firms in their approach to the marketing concept.

Why is it important?

The fact that a correlation was found between the corporate approach to marketing and the performance of the business is crucial. This work provides the evidence to firms that establishing the marketing concept as the central business philosophy is key to success. Strong leadership support is also crucial.


Ms Jenny E A Shepherd
University of Birmingham

This work was carried out at a time when Japanese companies were doing very well in the UK, leaving British firms in their wake. The insight provided by the findings from this large scale Government funded research survey was very timely and is still just as relevant today. Keeping Marketing central to the corporate mission is the key to a successful business in all sectors, particularly those with a traditional sales or production orientation.

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