The influential internal consultant

  • B. Kim Barnes, Beverly Scott
  • Industrial and Commercial Training, September 2012, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/00197851211267992

The influential internal consultant

What is it about?

Consultants, whether internal to an organization or external, have little role power. They must get things done through influence. The basis for that influence may be, for example, trust, respect, reputation, track record, or the quality of a relationship. However, the consultant, especially when an insider in the organization, needs to be skillful in choosing and using behaviors that are influential. This article discusses those behaviors and how they can help consultants to be more effective.

Why is it important?

Many people within organizations are being asked to operate in a consulting role - they may be experts, but need to influence others to take their advice, and this is not always easy, especially when they are dealing with people at a more senior level. If organizations are going to invest in wisdom and competency, they also need to make sure that those who have those qualities also know how to be listened to and how to get results.


B. Kim Barnes
Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

I have taught and written about the skills of influence for decades, but I am still surprised at how many people don't realize that they are learnable and can make the difference between being a "voice crying in the wilderness" and being an effective agent of change and growth.

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