Prospects for the aerospace industry in the Sudan

  • Adil Ahmed Dafa’Alla
  • World Journal of Science Technology and Sustainable Development, July 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/wjstsd-02-2016-0025

Prospects of Aerospace Industry in Sudan

What is it about?

The paper investigates the contribution of the Sudanese manufacturing sector to the Sudanese economy and assesses the role that aerospace industry, in particular, can play as a driver for achieving sustainable development in the Sudan.

Why is it important?

The paper gives critical assessment of the role of the industrial sector in driving the Sudanese economy, which is seriously lacking in the literature. Additionally, the paper introduces building a flourishing aerospace industry in the Sudan as an important ingredient to boost the manufacturing sector, hence, improve the economy, fight poverty and move a step towards achieving sustainable development.


Dr. Adil A. A. Dafa'Alla
Airbus Operations UK

The Sudanese economy is in bad shape. All developing countries that managed to get out of the poverty trap used the industrialisation path as a vehicle. Sudan is not an exception and hence a heavy injection of industrialisation is required. The aerospace industry fits the bill. It is going globally and hence presents the developing countries, like Sudan, with a great opportunity to benefit from this globalisation. The Safat aerospace centre in the Sudan can represent the first building block in a flourishing aerospace industry in the Sudan. However, as the paper argued there is still a lot to be done before the Sudan can create the investment-attractive environment needed for serious business. The paper argues that building a flourishing aerospace industry as an important element of sustainable development plan for the Sudan is a shared responsibility of good governance, quality education and well-guided investment. The paper also gives wide reaching recommendations that are required to help the Sudan to set on an industrial path that will lead to lifting the economy and improving the living standard of its citizens.

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