Strategies for chief executives to build the organizations of the future

  • M.S. Rao
  • Strategic HR Review, January 2020, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/shr-09-2019-0077

Help CEOs understand the capabilities to build successful organizations in the future.

What is it about?

It illustrates with examples of global companies including Blockbuster, Nokia, Kodak and Sears that failed to embrace change while Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook succeeded in reinventing. It draws a blueprint for CEOs to build organizations in the future.

Why is it important?

It explores organizational network analysis, encourages a focused differentiation strategy and emphasizes differentiated skill-focused structures. It advises integrated efforts from all stakeholders including the organization, employees, human resources and chief executives to reinvent and build organizations of the future.


Professor M. S. Rao
MSR Leadership Consultants India

It implores to plan for multiple and emerging visions of the future using a scenario approach. It concludes that CEOs must predict the future, embrace change and adopt innovative tools and techniques to lead the organizations in the future.

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