The mapping, selecting and opening of data

Lluís Esteve Casellas Serra
  • Records Management Journal, July 2014, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/rmj-01-2014-0008

What is it about?

Records Management can contribute to data selection in the Open Data projects by the appraisal of data, also taking into consideration functions and records of the organization. At the same time, Open Data projects could reinforce the strategies of records preservation in databases, because the same extraction processes could be shared. In addition, Open Data projects could means an opportunity for Historical Archives if they take charge of the maintenance of the Open Data Archive. This could be relevant in the future for the transformation of data from information systems into documentary heritage.

Why is it important?

The Open Data project of Girona is based on the mapping and data selection done by the Record Management Department (RMD). One of the RMD responsibilities is the preservation of digital records, so it is essential to know the processes of record creation and, consequently, to have control over the information systems Moreover, RMD offers an added value: data quality. Data quality has to focus on two main aspects: data selection and data authenticity. Data selection could be perfectly covered by archival appraisal. But data appraisal also has to consider data which provide authenticity and make explicit the context which reinforces it.


Mr Lluís Esteve Casellas
City Council of Girona

This work is a specific case study of the contribution of Records Management to the Open Data projects, its proposals and reflections have been made from a very practical point of view.

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