Improving patient flow through applying lean concepts to emergency department

Hossam Elamir
  • May 2018, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/lhs-02-2018-0014

How to use Lean Management concepts in overcoming overcrowding in emergency departments?

What is it about?

This paper aims to propose lean-based interventions that address the main causes of emergency department overcrowding.

Why is it important?

Emergency department overcrowding (EDOC) and increased length of stay (LOS) have been key global issues for more than 20 years, as they have serious repercussions.


Hossam Elamir (Author)
Quality and Accreditation Directorate, Ministry of Health, Kuwait

This paper is the first study of its kind in Kuwait, and one of the most outstanding studies in the Gulf region, in terms of the number of the daily ED visits and the comprehensive multi-level proposed interventions.

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