Usage center – value cocreation in multi-actor usage processes

Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Carolin Plewa, Siegfried Gudergan, Ingo Oswald Karpen, Tom Chen
  • Journal of Service Theory and Practice, July 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jstp-04-2016-0074

What is it about?

The paper conceptualizes and delineates the notion of a usage center. It comprises, from the perspective of a single actor, all resource integrators that draw on a focal resource within a usage process. Such a usage process comprises a sequential and/or concurrent series of resource integrating activities in which the resource integrators apply the available resources to reach an intended goal.

Why is it important?

Responding to recent calls for research developing insights into multi-actor value co-creation, this paper is the first to comprehensively and coherently conceptualize the notion of a usage center.


Professor Michael Kleinaltenkamp
Freie Universitat Berlin

The paper builds an important foundation for future theorizing and empirical research related to the emergence of usage centers and the influence of other actors on an individual actors perception of individual and collective value.

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