Crowding at the frontier: boundary spanners, gatekeepers and knowledge brokers

Aurore Haas
  • Journal of Knowledge Management, September 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jkm-01-2015-0036

What is it about?

This article reviews the findings of research on employees and managers going outside the frontiers of the organization. Such employees can include R&D collaborators, salespersons, top managers...The contributions of these employees and managers to firm performance are explained. The managerial levers that can be used to reach performance in this regard are also outlined.

Why is it important?

Open innovation, open strategy...All these buzz words are not operational. How do you achieve openness thanks to the activities of employees ? This article focuses on the contributions and management of employees supporting firm openness.


Aurore Haas (Author)
Université Paris Dauphine

Anyone needing knowledge on social networks and open innovation should read this paper...

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