Judging the quality of child custody evaluations

Alberto Yohananoff
  • Journal of Forensic Practice, May 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/jfp-12-2014-0048

comparing criteria used by mental health and legal professionals

What is it about?

Mental health professionals who perform child custody evaluations have developed a set of criteria to determine whether these evaluations are sound. The consumers of these products, however, are legal professionals. Do they criteria the legal professional use in deciding the quality of a child custody evaluation matches those used by mental health professionals?

Why is it important?

The forensic psychology field in the last 20 years has significantly expanded. Because it is at the interface of mental health and law, it seems particularly important to address the question of whether mental health and legal professionals use the same "metrics" in judging the quality of such work.


Dr Alberto Yohananoff (Author)
Private practice

As a provider of forensic report to the Courts I have always been fascinated by how forensic reports are "looked upon" by the "other side" (the judges and attorneys who read them).

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