Lean Six Sigma for public sector organizations: is it a myth or reality?

  • Jiju Antony, Bryan Rodgers, Elizabeth A. Cudney
  • International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, October 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijqrm-08-2016-0127

The use of Lean Six Sigma in the Public Sector

What is it about?

This article uses case examples from Health, Education, Local Government and Policing to compare use across different areas and explore the suitability of Lean Six Sigma to the public sector and discuss whether it works or not

Why is it important?

There is very little work published around continuous improvement in the public sector and a lot of what already exists relates to the use of Lean only. This work shows how lean six sigma applies across public sector areas and allows comparison from different perspectives


Mr Bryan Rodgers
Heriot-Watt University

The quality and effectivess of the public sector is important to everyone but for employees in the public sector, a great deal of motivation comes from wanting to make a difference and doing the right thing in the right way. The use of continuous improvement effectively creates a platform for employees and customers to make a difference.

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