Mobile social network in proximity: taxonomy, approaches and open challenges

Chii Chang, Satish Narayana Srirama, Sea Ling
  • International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications, April 2015, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijpcc-03-2014-0019

Mobile social network in proximity

What is it about?

Developing a Mobile Social Network in Proximity (MSNP) system needs to address a number of issues and challenges, such as heterogeneity, content/service discovery, privacy and trust, resource management and so on. This paper identifies and describes these challenges, and reviews a number of related solutions from existing literature. Follow up, this paper addresses a number of open challenges in MSNP domain.

Why is it important?

Although various works have been proposed to enable and overcome challenges in Mobile Social Network in Proximity (MSNP), there are still many unsolved open challenges in terms of identification, content management, social-aware discovery, trust in public environment, adaptation, QoS and the development of MSNP. We have addressed these challenges in this paper as future research directions in MSNP domain.


Dr Chii Chang
Tartu Ulikool

Recent smart mobile devices are capable of letting users produce various digital content, and share/upload the content to many Social Network Services (SNS) directly via wireless network connections. The phenomenon has increased the number of people using mobile SNS applications. Although the applications have become more popular, mobile users have been restricted in the virtual communities of online SNS and are not aware of the social opportunities available to them in real time surrounding. While they spend most of their time accessing online SNS, they have missed many opportunities to interact with others for new friendships, business opportunities, or information sharing. Consequently, a new breed of Mobile Social Network (MSN) system has arisen to assist mobile users to interact with proximal people and perform various social activities. Such a proximal-based MSN environment is termed a Mobile Social Network in Proximity (MSNP). This paper provides an original literature review in MSNP and identified a number of open-challenges as research direction in MSNP domain.

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