The spirited leader: the potential of spiritual intelligence to improve leadership

Peter Hyson
  • The International Journal of Leadership in Public Services, December 2013, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijlps-10-2013-0028

What is it about?

How do we improve our leadership skills, in a constantly-changing world and diverse expectations? How do we motivate ourselves and our staff for improved skills, deeper commitment, better retention and making a difference? This emerging area holds some keys.

Why is it important?

Maslow added a spiritual dimension to his hierarchy of needs; Covey added it to his Habits of Successful Leaders. Studies of the characteristics of outstanding leaders consistently identify skills and qualities relating to the spirit or soul. The Spiritual Intelligence metric SQi identifies 21 such attributes and the ways in which they can be developed at 5 levels of leadership competence. Their deployment results in focussed and effective leadership; motivated and productive staff and more effective results. Surely worth exploring?


Mr Peter R Hyson

After 20 years of working with leaders across the public, private and charities sectors, the research on spiritual intelligence has made more sense to me than almost nay other model and complements mervin g research on neuropsychology and multiple intelligence. It makes sense and it works, in my experience and research.

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