Rebranding Macau: views of cultural industry insiders

Joey Pek U Sou, Thea Vinnicombe, Tiffany Cheng Han Leung
  • International Journal of Culture Tourism and Hospitality Research, March 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ijcthr-01-2015-0004

Rebranding Macau, Interviews

What is it about?

This paper aims to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing the performing arts as one element in changing the destination image of the Macau special administrative region from that of the Las Vegas of the East to a “World Centre of Tourism and Leisure”. The context is of particular interest as rebranding is typically associated with negative or outdated images, whereas Macau’s existing brand is strong and associated with positive tourism revenues.

Why is it important?

Three main themes related to the use of the performing arts as a vehicle for destination rebranding are explored. Findings suggest that few elements common to successful branding campaigns are evident in the approach of the Macau administration. Shortcomings are evident, for example, in communication, infrastructure development, long-term planning and the allocation and monitoring of funding.


Dr Tiffany C. H. Leung
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Although qualitative research relies on rich data from small numbers, the study focuses only on the views of informed insiders in the performing arts. Input from commercial stakeholders and higher-level policy makers would broaden the perspective.

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