Four drivers to enhance global virtual teams

  • Marjorie Derven
  • Industrial and Commercial Training, January 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ict-08-2015-0056

Making virtual teams work is a requirement in today's global business environment.

What is it about?

Virtual teams, where all or some of the teams are separated by geography and other factors that include language, culture and time zones, have become a business necessity as a result of globalization. These teams have enormous potential for innovation and enhanced results, but they are hampered by complexity and lack of trust. This article presents a proven framework to leverage diversity and inclusion for better team outcomes.

Why is it important?

Global virtual teams are the new normal, as a result of the war for talent, search for growth markets and requirements for relevance in local markets. It is essential to have processes in place to maximize how these teams operate.


Marjorie Derven

As a leader and member of many global teams, I am personally impressed by the potential they offer, and have learned first hand what works and what can get in the way of relationships and results.

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