Marketing agency – client relationships: towards a research agenda

  • Brendan James Keegan, Jennifer Rowley, Jane Tonge
  • European Journal of Marketing, July 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ejm-10-2015-0712

What is it about?

A systematic review of the literature pertaining to marketing agency-client relationships. The review thematically discusses the works examined before proposing a new research agenda.

Why is it important?

Agency-client relationships have long been asserted as important to successful business practice. In today's digital landscape, such relationships are complex and need to be further investigated with this prior knowledge.


Mr Brendan J Keegan
Manchester Metropolitan University

Marketing managers employ many specialist digital agencies, each with their own agency-client relationships, therefore it is difficult to ensure effective working relationships with each one. This research brings the previously published literature into a useful schematic to inform new theory practice.

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