Flow stress identification of tubular materials using the progressive inverse identification method

  • Erfan Asaadi, P. Stephan Heyns
  • Engineering Computations, July 2016, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ec-08-2015-0219

inverse flow stress identification

What is it about?

We present a solution to an inverse stress-strain curve identification of materials, without a priory assumption for the hardening model

Why is it important?

The presented method makes the solution to the inverse stress-strain curve identification of the material straight forward and computationally efficient. It is of utmost importance when a proper hardening model is not in hand and there is no analytical relationship available to relate the the stress-strain behaviour to the material response. (e.g. the material is tested under multiaxial state of stress)


Dr Erfan E Asaadi
University of Pretoria

We used this method to characterize the flow stress of tubular materials with no assumption for the hardening model of the material. The obtained material behaviour then used for accurate FEA of the characterized material.

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