The effects of internet filtering on users’ information-seeking behaviour and emotions

  • Hamid R. Jamali, Pria Shahbaztabar
  • Aslib Journal of Information Management, July 2017, Emerald
  • DOI: 10.1108/ajim-12-2016-0218

Internet filtering causes negative emotions in information-seeking behavior

What is it about?

When users who try to find and access information face Internet filtering, they experience negative emotions, try to by-pass it and as a result may take illegal actions. Filtering increase use of social networks as users try to rely on their social network to access information. The negative emotions are caused because of the inability to access information.

Why is it important?

Different levels of internet filtering (website blocking) is used in different countries for various reasons (ideological, political, ethical or health-related) reasons and it is important to know the effect of filtering on users when they try to find and access information.

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