Online_DPI: a web server to calculate the diffraction precision index for a protein structure

K. S. Dinesh Kumar, M. Gurusaran, S. N. Satheesh, P. Radha, S. Pavithra, K. P. S. Thulaa Tharshan, John R. Helliwell, K. Sekar
  • Journal of Applied Crystallography, April 2015, International Union of Crystallography
  • DOI: 10.1107/s1600576715006287

What is it about?

The power of X-ray crystal structure analysis as a technique is to ‘see where the atoms are’ but have you wondered what the estimated error on the coordinate of any atom in a protein and/or nucleic acid actually is? Our paper and web tool provides this either for a deposited PDB coordinate file or one that you are preparing.

Why is it important?

The end point of protein structure model refinement requires a knowledge of the individual atomic position errors. An online computing server to estimate the atomic coordinate errors for all the atoms in any protein structure is at the URL It can be used where restraints of a protein model refinement are not applied eg ion pairs or for metal ligands or protonation state determinations when a bond distance restraint is removed. This is important!

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