t-3-Benzyl-r-2,c-6-diphenylpiperidin-4-one oxime

R. Arulraj, S. Sivakumar, A. Thiruvalluvar, A. Manimekalai
  • IUCrData, December 2016, International Union of Crystallography
  • DOI: 10.1107/s2414314616019829

Crystal Structure of “t-3-Benzyl-r-2,c-6-diphenylpiperidin-4-one oxime”

What is it about?

In the title compound, C24H24N2O [systematic name: (E)-3-benzyl-2,6-diphenylpiperidin- 4-one oxime], the piperidine ring adopts a slightly distorted chair conformation and the phenyl rings and the benzyl group substituents are attached equatorially. The oxime group makes a dihedral angle of 42.88 (12) with the piperidine ring. The dihedral angle between the phenyl rings is 71.96 (8). The benzyl ring makes dihedral angles of 63.01 (8) and 59.35 (8) with the two phenyl rings. In the crystal, molecules are linked by O—H  N hydrogen bonds, forming C(7) chains along the c axis. The chains are linked by C—H   interactions, forming slabs lying parallel to the bc plane.

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