Data analysis method to achieve sub-10 pm spatial resolution using extended X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy

Yonghua Du, Jia-ou Wang, Longhua Jiang, Lucas Santiago Borgna, Yanfei Wang, Yi Zheng, Tiandou Hu
  • Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, June 2014, International Union of Crystallography
  • DOI: 10.1107/s1600577514010406

Achieve sub-10 pm spatial resolution using EXAFS

What is it about?

A data analysis method allowing sub-10 pm spatial resolution to be obtained using EXAFS is presented. Numerical simulation and EXAFS study of FeO6 octahedral distortion of LaFe1-xCrxO3 system were used to demonstrate this method.

Why is it important?

This work present an easy method to improves the spatial resolution of EXAFS to the limit constrained by uncertainty principle. Sub-10 pm resolution is often not accessible to other techniques. This work makes it possible to resolve the structural parameters of lattice distortion using EXAFS when sub-10 pm resolution is required.

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