Common genetic variation drives molecular heterogeneity in human iPSCs

Helena Kilpinen, Angela Goncalves, Andreas Leha, Vackar Afzal, Sofie Ashford, Sendu Bala, Dalila Bensaddek, Francesco Paolo Casale, Oliver Culley, Petr Danacek, Adam Faulconbridge, Peter Harrison, Davis McCarthy, Shane A McCarthy, Ruta Meleckyte, Yasin Memari, Nathalie Moens, Filipa Soares, Ian Streeter, Chukwuma A Agu, Alex Alderton, Rachel Nelson, Sarah Harper, Minal Patel, Laura Clarke, Reena Halai, Christopher M Kirton, Anja Kolb-Kokocinski, Philip Beales, Ewan Birney, Davide Danovi, Angus I Lamond, Willem H Ouwehand, Ludovic Vallier, Fiona M Watt, Richard Durbin, Oliver Stegle, Daniel J Gaffney
  • May 2016, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
  • DOI: 10.1101/055160

What is it about?

This study showcases the hipsci project. It deals with characterisation of a large panel of cells obtained from healthy volunteers (blood donors) integrating data from their DNA, RNA, Proteins and Cell behaviour as analysed from microscopic images. As up to 3 clones are available for each donor, this approach allows to start asking questions about how different are cells obtained from the same individual, and how much of this difference can be down to the genetics.

Why is it important? the project has generated hundreds of cell lines that are available together with data and tools for the scientific community to build upon.


Dr Davide Danovi (Author)
King's College London

very proud to be part of this project. great work from the partner institutes.

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