Differential activation of serotonergic neurons during short- and long-term gregarization of desert locusts

S. M. Rogers, S. R. Ott
  • Proceedings of The Royal Society B Biological Sciences, December 2014, Royal Society Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2014.2062

Socially induced changes in serotonin neurones in desert locusts

What is it about?

Serotonin is a common neurochemical with extensive roles in orchestrating behavioural plasticity, particularly in a social context. A dramatic example is the rapid transformation of desert locusts from cryptic and asocial animals into swarming crop pests, which is triggered by a surge in serotonin within their nervous system when locusts are first forced into a crowd. We have identified the serotonin-producing neurons responsible for this plasticity-inducing surge. Prolonged group living causes

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