Embedding Palliative Care Into Healthy Aging

Ladda Thiamwong, Wanicha Pungchompoo
  • Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, August 2018, Wolters Kluwer Health
  • DOI: 10.1097/njh.0000000000000479

Palliative care and Healthy Aging

What is it about?

providing the concept and case study in Thai's context on Palliative Care that integrated in Healthy Aging

Why is it important?

The integration the palliative concept into Healthy Aging concept based on a case narrative study.


Assoc. Prof. Wanicha Pungchompoo
Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University

Increasing the Aging population around the world and in Thailand and the advanced medical treatments for proving patients' life will impact on the palliative health services especially in Thailand where the health policy still focusing on acute and chronic cares. The patients care needs and health service preferences will be the area then essentialy required to improve.

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