Highly efficient, dynamically stable Nd : YAG single-rod resonators with 60% TEM 00 extraction efficiency and high misalignment stability

R S Pinto, N U Wetter
  • Laser Physics, June 2014, Institute of Physics Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1088/1054-660x/24/8/085801

Highly efficient, dynamically stable Nd : YAG laser

What is it about?

We systematically investigate positive and negative slope resonators with joint stability zones and show the advantages and drawbacks of the different designs. As a result we achieve more than 60% fundamental mode extraction efficiency in Nd : YAG with regard to multimode output, without using any compensation for thermally induced bifocusing or birefringence.

Why is it important?

For fully polarized output, we obtain more than 53% extraction efficiency in fundamental mode. To our knowledge, these efficiencies are the highest so far reported for single-rod and double-rod diode pumped solid-state laser.

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