Dynamical stability of the one-dimensional rigid Brownian rotator: The role of the rotator's spatial size and shape

Jasmina Jeknic-Dugic, Igor Petrovic, Momir Arsenijevic, Miroljub Dugic
  • Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, March 2018, Institute of Physics Publishing
  • DOI: 10.1088/1361-648x/aab9ef

Rotation control of the molecular cogwheels

What is it about?

Molecular cogwheels as the functional parts of the desired nano-machines are with the definite geometrical shape and the nite spatial size. If modeled as the one-dimensional, propeller-shaped rigid rotators, their dynamical behavior exhibits dependence on the spatial size in regard of the role of quantum decoherence, the possible accumulation of the quantum-mechanical contributions as well as on devising the optimal scenarios for utilizing the relative stability of rotation.

Why is it important?

Emphasizes the role of geometry (shape and size) for the realistic nano-devices.


Professor Miroljub M Dugic (Author)
Faculty of Science, 34000 Kragujevac

Open the room for approaching the desired control of the propeller-like shaped molecular nano-rotators.

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