After the goldrush - the golden age of reference linking

  • Charlie Rapple
  • Learned Publishing, October 2004, Wiley
  • DOI: 10.1087/0953151042321653

A brief history of linking technology in scholarly publishing

What is it about?

This article provides a simple overview of the evolution of reference linking technology within scholarly publishing. The practical benefits to various groups within the information community, along with their potential responsiblities, are addressed.

Why is it important?

In 2004, reference linking was a key differentiator in the evaluation of online content. However, many publishers didn't yet support it and were unfamiliar with the buzzwords, unsure of the technologies and overwhelmed by the concepts involved. This article attempted to help people get past those obstacles in order to ensure they and their online services kept pace with expected functionality.


Charlie Rapple

I look back fondly on this, my first published article in a peer-reviewed journal. (I'm now an associated editor of the journal in which it's published!) The article is now open access which I'm pleased about because I think there are still some useful tidbits of information here for people who are interested in the rapid evolution of technologies to support scholarly publication online.

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