Galen Strawson Is a Closet Existentialist; or, the Ballistics of Nothingness

Cora Cruz
  • Comparative and Continental Philosophy, January 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/17570638.2017.1298294

What is it about?

Sartre, famous in popular perception as the great endorser of "freedom", is not so far from the critics of the libertarian view of "free will" as is often supposed.

Why is it important?

The conversation about "free will", and its centrality to questions of moral responsibility, inspires much heated debate among both lay persons and academics, and is of course particularly relevant in any field with practical application. Clarity on what's at stake is always helpful.


Cora Cruz

I'm generally interested in moral "development" or "progress" (goodness), and I suspect it has much to do with "cognitive" development (reason). The connection between the two is still largely unclear, but there has been, and continues to be, promising work toward better understanding. When I'm asked (by my children, for example) for a brief, simple explanation of what philosophy is, and what it strives for, I can't come up with much better than this.

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