Science and Technology Congress for Preschoolers as a strategy for the initiation of science

Sergio A. González, Rossana Godoy, Paulina Veas
  • Early Child Development and Care, June 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2018.1485672

Strategy for initiation of preschoolers to science

What is it about?

The associative work between educators and scientists to organize science conference-type events is significant for the development of scientific competencies in preschoolers. In addition, educators and scientists can achieve mutual learning, as educators can update science content and processes, while scientists improve their skills for public engagement in science.

Why is it important?

We are convinced that science conferences for preschoolers should not seek to replicate the model as scientists communicate their research results, nor use stereotypes of "rare scientists, nor careless of their social life" on the contrary children should be able to interact freely among their peers to achieve mutual learning by exchanging their experiences in science.


Sergio A. González
Universidad Catolica del Norte

We have written this article with the aim of promoting science education at an early age by taking advantage of opportunities to articulate educational and research centers to provide better opportunities for preschoolers. We believe that scientists can make a greater contribution to education by working together with educators. We hope that with this example and the recommendations we provide for organizing science events for preschoolers, we can encourage groups of scientists to engage in educational processes with the help of educators.

Rossana Godoy Lenz
Universidad de La Serena

The value of this document is to publicize the articulation of the work, of teachers of higher education of pedagogy in early childhood education, with nursery teachers in professional practice, who receive in their educational centers, students in formation of the University of La Serena, to mean in a team, classroom projects that allow to develop in kindergarten, scientific thinking skills and the achievement of learning in science and technology. It describes the process and the result of the exchange of ludic and experiential experiences in the so-called Congress of Science and Tenology for Children, an instance where the family and other actors of the community join.

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