The Funeral Of Isayas Tsegai Return to Kenya

Charles Cantalupo
  • Poem, January 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/20519842.2017.1389460

Two long poems on recent literary events in Eritrea and Kenya

What is it about?

"The Funeral of Isayas Tsegai" highlights the work of one of Eritrea's most important writers and dramatists. "Return to Kenya" focuses on Kenyan languages and contemporary culture from a 30-year perspective.

Why is it important?

"The Funeral of Isayas Tsegai" and "Return to Kenya" are new chapters in Charles Cantalupo's literary work in East Africa, chronicled in his memoir, Joining Africa -- From Anthills to Asmara, and ever-unfolding.

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