Assessing durability properties of noise barriers made of concrete incorporating bottom ash as aggregates

  • Carlos Leiva, Celia Arenas, Luis F. Vilches, Fatima Arroyo, Yolanda Luna-Galiano
  • European Journal of Environmental and Civil engineering, July 2017, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/19648189.2017.1355852

Assessing durability properties of concrete incorporating bottom ash as aggregates

What is it about?

This research analyses the durability of a noise barrier using coal bottom ashes as aggregates in a high proportion (80 %wt of bottom ash). A concrete noise barrier is composed by a combination of a porous sound absorbing face and a standard concrete in order to increase the mechanical properties of the barrier. The bottom ash was sieved at 2.5 mm, a porous concrete with the coarse fraction of bottom ashes and a standard concrete with the fine fraction of bottom ashes were made. This paper analyzes the durability of the different components of the noise barrier, including: 1) water absorption, 2) resistance to acid attacks, 3) resistance to sulfate attacks and 4) resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. Durability is analyzed, determining mechanical and acoustical properties of the porous concrete. Concrete with coarse bottom ashes presents slightly lower mechanical properties but the durability of acoustic properties is better than commercial porous concrete in all the durability tests. Concrete with fine bottom ashes presents slightly lower mechanical than commercial standard concrete during all the durability tests.

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