Linked for action? An analysis of transnational municipal climate networks in Germany

Henner Busch
  • International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, July 2015, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/19463138.2015.1057144

What is it about?

This article investigates the potential impact transnational municipal climate networks can habe on local climate policies. It also presents an overview of the degree of proliferation of these networks in Germany.

Why is it important?

More than 50% of the German population (>44 Mio) live in municipalities which have joined at least on of the transnational municipal climate networks this paper looks at. This means that more than halv of the inhabitants in the EU's biggest country and economy might be influenced by the work these networks do.


Mr Henner Busch (Author)
Lunds Universitet

Apart from presenting some intersting facts on the proliferation of transnational municipal climate networks in Germany this paper also presents a conceptual framework on how to further investigate the impact of the networks on local cliamte governance.

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