Extra elements detection in organic compounds by nonbreakable sodium ignition apparatus (NOSIA)

  • Man Singh
  • Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews, November 2014, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/17518253.2014.969330

What is it about?

Nitrogen, sulfur, halides are extra elements present in any organic molecules. Their detection is facilitate by using NOSIA. In use of NOSIA no ignition tube is broken, no filter paper and no funnel are used. NOSIA is a green method for extra elements detection.

Why is it important?

NOSIA is economic and risk free. Use of NOSIA saves 95 % lab resources.


Prof. Man Singh

Jean Louis Lassaigne (22 Sept 1800 – 18 March 1859), a French chemist had invented detection method. NOSIA stops use of ignition tube and extra heating to break the ignition tube.

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