“Badtime” Stories: The Frames of Terror Promoted by Political Actors

Moran Yarchi
  • Democracy and Security, January 2014, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/17419166.2013.842168

'Badtime' stories

What is it about?

This study deals with the frame-building process and presents the frames on terror used by political actors involved in three conflicts that utilize terror as a weapon: the conflict between the United States and Al Qaida, the conflict between the United Kingdom and Islamic groups, and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Why is it important?

Political actors involved in conflicts constantly use public diplomacy to promote their preferred frames to the international news media. While all political actors attempt to present themselves as victims, place the blame on the other side, and offer their solution, they all emphasize different issues. The differences are explained by variations in cultural values and a country’s role in the international arena and in its previous experience iin conflicts.

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