Parana River morphodynamics in the context of climate change

Massimo Guerrero, Michael Nones, Ramiro Saurral, Natalia Montroull, Ricardo N. Szupiany
  • International Journal of River Basin Management, December 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/15715124.2013.826234

Parana morphodinamics - climate change

What is it about?

The changing in precipitations is one of the main drivers for river channel modifications. This is an important topic especially in large rivers such the Parana, because the "climate change" could significantly alter the river morphology that in turn affects the water uses and hydraulic infrastructures (water way, bridges, ports, ecc)

Why is it important?

Our work present a first attempt to apply an engineer-quantitative approach (i.e. numerical modeling) to predict climate change effect on the Large Parana River. Albeit a variety of simplifications were assumed for the challenging simulation of long periods in a such large river, our results show typical morphological tendencies that warn about climate change future impacts

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