Simulation and Optimization of Hydrogen Displacement Adsorption Process for Hydrogen Isotope Enrichment/Separation

Qiang-Hua Lei, De-Li Luo, Huan Wang, Yi-Fu Xiong, Guang-Hui Zhang, Wen-Qing Wu
  • Fusion Science & Technology, June 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/15361055.2018.1464815

simulation and optimization of hydrogen replacement chromatography Process

What is it about?

For the enrichment of trace deuterium in the mixed gas of protium-deuterium isotope, hydrogen replacement chromatography is adopted in this paper, and the effects of process conditions such as pressure, velocity and column length on the enrichment performance are discussed.

Why is it important?

Enrichment factor, recovery and enrichment capability are defined. Through the process simulation, the change rule of the above three indexes under different process conditions is discussed, and the process optimization design is realized.


Qiang-Hua Lei (Author)

This method can provide a process design method for the development of the chromatographic separation device of hydrogen isotope in large scale.

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