Transnational Feminisms in a New Global Matrix

Anna Sampaio
  • International Feminist Journal of Politics, January 2004, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/1461674042000211290

Examining the experiences of women of color in the context of transnational feminist organizing

What is it about?

Utilizing an ethnographic case-study approach, this article examines the experiences of women of color encountering globalization, and the shifting political and economic landscape that leads to the formation of transnational organizing. Highlighting an alliance between a group of US Chicanas and Latinas with indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico, the research pays particular attention to the transformations, tensions, and disruptions within such strategies of resistance. Overall, the article brings into conversation theories of oppositional consciousness among US “Third World Feminists” and postcolonial feminist critiques of globalization to map the boundaries of one form of transnational feminism.

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