Effective University Leadership and Management of Learning and Teaching in a Widening Participation Context: Findings from two national Australian studies

Marcia Devlin
  • Tertiary Education and Management, September 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/13583883.2013.793380

Leading in a changing university context: Advice for busy leaders

What is it about?

Busy university leaders find it hard to look up from their daily work, never mind read research literature on how best to lead in their contexts. This article summarises the findings of two recent, large studies in Australia to distill the key messages for modern university leaders. These boil down to four key directions related to institutional strategic alignment; teaching reward and recognition; appropriate resourcing; and the structure and organization of teaching and learning support.

Why is it important?

Universities are becoming larger and more complex. Leaders within them have to balance competing demands, shrinking resources and a unique context. This article provides evidence-based advice on what works in terms of leading learning and teaching in a complex, modern university. While the results are not surprising, they serve as a useful reminder to busy leaders about the 'big rocks' and about where they should keep their focus.

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