Cremation in Norway: regulation, changes and challenges

Hans Hadders
  • Mortality, May 2013, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/13576275.2013.786033

Cremation in Norway: challenges for Hindu immigrants

What is it about?

This article attempts to describe and explain the development of modern cremation as a legitimate form of disposal in Norway over the last century. I also explore the challenges Hindu immigrants in Norway face when is comes to performance of their cremation events in Norwegian crematoria. In my attempt to explain some of the reasons and rationales behind cremation practice and crematoria regulation I draw on published literature, legal acts, procedural manuals and official websites.

Why is it important?

The modern cremation combustion process in Norway is secular, industrial, highly regulated and supervised by various laws, standards and professionals. It is evident that there exist a number of considerable challenges for Hindus in Norway when it comes to performance of their cremation events at the crematoria. How do they adapt their cremation practice?The Funeral act of 2012 intends to safeguard the rights of religious minorities. How are Hindu immigrants accomodated?

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