French antimilitarism before World War I: Gustave Hervé and L'Affiche Rouge of 1905

  • Michael Burt Loughlin
  • European Review of History Revue européenne d histoire, April 2012, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/13507486.2012.663079

French Antimilitarism before World War I and Gustave Herve's 1905 Affiche Rouge

What is it about?

This article uses police sources, French newspaper, and secondary works to show the obsession with antimilitarism before the war despite its rather marginal penetration of French society even on the extreme Left.

Why is it important?

Even though the French Left gradually accommodated to democratic politics before World War I despite its often extreme rhetoric, some of those who supported the war effort continued to question the efficacy of democracy.

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