An Anarchism for Today: The Simpler Way

Ted Trainer
  • Capitalism Nature Socialism, June 2018, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/10455752.2018.1482936

A case for an anarchist vision today.

What is it about?

When the nature and seriousness of the global "limits to growth" situation is understood, it is evident that the solution has to be in terms of transition to systems that centre on highly self-sufficient and self governing small local communities, drawing on local resources to meet local needs...and content with fugal lifestyles. This article explains this vision, attempting to explain that it is workable and attractive. The transition to it also has to take an anarchist form, centred on citizen efforts to build alternatives where they live, as distinct from the standard "socialist" assumption that transition must be led from the centre. Reference is made to initiatives underway within the "degrowth", "ecovillage' and "Transition Towns" movements.

Why is it important?

There is great reluctance to consider solutions to the global predicament which do not assume continued pursuit of affluence and growth, especially on the left. A major concern of TheSimpler Way project is to explain that this general alternative would be easily achieved, would defuse global problems such as resource struggles, and would enable a high quality of life for all. It is extremely important that this general perspective be given more attention.


Dr Ted Trainer
Univ of NSW

Forty years experience teaching and writing about sustainability leaves me in no doubt that there can be no solution to the major global problems unless we achieve massive transition in the direction of The Simpler Way. This article is an attempt to present a clear and convincing case to people on the left.

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