Analyzing Resistance from below: A Proposal of Analysis Based on Three Struggles against Dams in Spain and Mexico

  • Alice Poma, Tommaso Gravante
  • Capitalism Nature Socialism, January 2015, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1080/10455752.2014.995688

Struggles against dams

What is it about?

in this article we will propose an analysis of two struggles against dams (Spain and Mexico) from the participants’ perspective.

Why is it important?

Our goal is to show the reader how a different look—from below and from the standpoint of the subjects—can lead to a deeper comprehension of these experiences of local struggles against dams.


Tommaso Gravante

We insist that studying resistance against dams “from below” affords an appreciation of the wealth and potential of the emancipatory elements of experiences of struggle. It does so by improving our comprehension of the transformation of consciousness and behavior produced by these experiences, in which, before changing the world, protestors need to change a variety of mental worlds of their own.

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